Why is my internet running slow when watching videos?

Watching videos online is one of favorite pass time for youngsters. They love to watch movies and other entertaining videos online that are available on the different sites. Not only this, there are various social networking sites, which allows sharing of videos and watching them online. Through videos one can convey the message in a more effective way. This is why now all the websites you come across, provides videos explaining the corresponding topic. However, many people have to wait for minutes together waiting for the video to buffer. Generally, such situations happen when there is a slow internet speed. It’s unbearable to wait for video to load. But you can have a solution for this problem by referring this tutorial. Check http://www.internet-running-slow.com/after-update.html to get solutions for slow internet speed after update

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General reasons that cause the internet to slow down:

Loading many files or applications:  Over time, you can notice a large number of files and applications that are not of use anymore. It simply consumes lot of memory space and causes a drop down in the system performance. In fact, this even leads the internet to slow down consuming lots of time in video buffering.

Using old browsers: Browsers are the applications through which one generally access the internet. Using older browsers can be one of the reasons for slow speed in the internet. Hence, you need to switch to the latest and upgraded versions of browsers.

Installed add-ons and plugins:  Often, people are used to downloading different apps from various sites. These add-ons get involved with the videos played and cause the buffering of videos to consume a lot of time. Hence, the best approach in this case is to uninstall them  

Opening many tabs together: Sometimes, while browsing users open multiple tabs together in a single browser. The sites opened on multiple tabs consume a portion of memory. In such cases if you are watching a video online, it may take a considerable amount of time to load

Malware infection: When you use an internet unfortunately you may end up infecting the computer with a virus. When these malware attacks the system, it eats up a portion of memory and cause damage to the system files. This directly affects the performance of the system.

Solutions for slow internet speed while watching videos:

Uninstall the unused applications from the computer:

When the computer is enormously used one can find a large number of applications that are left unused for a long durations. This may affect the system performance rate. During these cases the best option is to uninstall these apps that are simply consuming the hard drive space. You can follow the steps explained below to uninstall the applications

Step 1: Navigate to Start button that you see on your Task bar

Step 2: Click on the Control panel option

Step 3: Now select the Uninstall program option under Programs from the Control Panel window

Step 4:  Finally, select the unwanted programs and click on Uninstall option and proceed

Defragment the hard drive:  Hard drive defragmentation is one of the best approaches for any kind of problems. Fragmentation generally refers to file divided into chunks and distributed all over the hard drive memory. By performing defragmentation of the drive the performance of the system increases and you may notice that the videos get buffered faster

  1. Go to my computer by clicking the icon from the desktop
  2. You may notice a set of hard drive partitions. Select the C drive and right click on it. Now from the drop down list select Properties option
  3. Under the Tools tab select “Defragment now” option
  4. Under the Tools tab select “Defragment now” option

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Steps to Speed up internet when watching videos

1.Click Internet Speed enhancer from the Enhance screen

Internet Running Slow When Watching Videos  - Enhance Screen

Fig 1 : Enhance Screen

2.Select Optimize speed

Internet Running Slow When Watching Videos  - Optimize Screen

Fig 2 : Optimize Screen

3.Select your Network Type and then click Optimize

Internet Running Slow When Watching Videos  - Network Optimize Screen

Fig 3: Network Optimize Screen

4.Wait till Optimization completes.

Internet Running Slow When Watching Videos  -  Optimization Screen

Fig 4 : Optimization Screen

5.Your internet setting has been optimised successfully

Internet Running Slow When Watching Videos - Optimization Complete screen

Fig 5 : Optimization Complete screen

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