Is the internet running slow on Android?

Cell phones have made life much easier. Presently, one can hardly imagine a life without a cell phone. The technology took a new turn after cell phones came into existence. With mobiles it is possible to communicate with anyone in any part of the world. With lots of advancement in the modern technology, cell phone underwent a drastic change. An Operating System like Android was developed for mobiles, which amazingly turned to be a popular one.

Earlier, the mobile was only meant for communication, but now with Android phones it is possible to browse the net, chat with friends, find the route and Google Map etc. One could easily use the internet in any locations and hence could achieve internet portability. However, with long usage one can experience a drastic slowdown in internet speed of Android phones. You would notice that the internet is taking up a lot of time to load and one would generally feel fretful in such situations. Now you don’t have to be worried!! Follow the steps described below to speed up your internet on Android phones. To speed up internet after power outage refer the provided link

Step 1:  Reset your Android phone

Since Android Smartphone is used on a daily basis, one can usually find the memory of the phone occupied by applications and files. The increase file storage can directly affect the speed of the internet on Android phones. There can be damaged and corrupted files amongst the files saved on the Android phones. Hence, it would hinder delay in loading pages on the internet. The best approach to slow internet problem is resetting the phone. Android phone provides factory reset option to restore your phone to the original settings. This method clears the data and undoes all the changes that you made on your phone. To perform the settings follow the below instructions


  1. Click on the Settings option that you see on the menu
  2. Next select the Privacy option from the list you see
  3. Choose Factory Data Reset and proceed
  4. Verify the message shown and click on reset phone option

You might see a drastic change the internet speed after updating it. Refer Here to know how to speed up internet after update

Step 2: Remove the unused applications

Often, users download and install applications and games from the App store. They use the app for a short term and keep them on their phone. Some download the app for doing some task and forget to install it later. This unused software can consume lots of memory space making the phone to slow down while accessing the internet. Hence, you need to uninstall these applications. You can refer the steps illustrated below to remove the apps

Firstly click on the Settings that you see on your phone menu

From the list click on the Applications menu

Then choose “Manage Applications” option

The list shows the installed apps on your Smartphone

Press on the application that you want to remove and click on Uninstall button

After employing these steps, restart your phone and you will be able to observe a drastic change in the phone speed while accessing files or internet

To boost internet speed on your Android Smartphone, use Remo MORE software. By using the tool's One click maintenance feature, the user can easily optimize internet speed and make internet surfing and file downloading faster. This efficient tool can also solve problems like internet running slow on HP laptop.

Steps to Speed up internet on your android phone

1.Click Enhance from the Main screen

Internet Running Slow on Android - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen

2.Select One Click maintenance

Internet Running Slow on Android - Enhance Screen

Fig 2 : Enhance Screen

3.Wait for the scanning to complete

Internet Running Slow on Android - Scanning Screen

Fig 3: Scanning Screen

4. Click Fix issues

Internet Running Slow on Android - Fix Issues Screen

Fig 4 : Fix Issues Screen

5.Select Items to Fix issues

Internet Running Slow on Android- Select Items screen

Fig 5 : Select Items screen

6.Click One Click maintenance

Internet Running Slow on Android-One Click Maintenance Screen

Fig 6 : One Click Maintenance Screen

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