Things to do when internet is running slow after update:

In the present world, all likes to be fast. Everyone looks forward to get faster communication, fast cars, fast food and so on. Due to insufficiency in time, they like to get the done quickly, relying on digital devices. This is the reason why people get ticked-off when their work remains pending because of slow system speed. More often, one would be notified by messages of updated operating system, software or file system. Hence, they would upgrade the older versions to newer ones to utilize the new features and technologies. Though they have successfully upgraded the versions, one may observe decrease in the internet speed, which is really frustrating to deal with.

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Most of them think the way of dealing with the problem is changing the broadband connection or service plan. This can be a solution only if the problem is persisting from the time you started using the internet. But in other case, there are many other reasons that cause slow internet speed. Explore Here to get the solutions for slow internet when watching videos.

Why internet gets slow after updating?

There are various factors that govern the slow system after upgrading the system. When you upgrade the system software or operating system, there are many changes that take place in the registry. Things get overwritten which can impinge the performance ratio of the system. In other terms the internet can get slow when the system is updated following a wrong way. This may impact the system speed to a considerable extent.

Steps to employ when the internet is slow after update:

First and foremost thing you need is determining the service pack of the internet connectivity. If it provides the slow speed then the solution is to change the service to a higher speed. But even though the pack is good and you encounter such problems consider to perform these following steps to check over the performance.

Delete additional add-ons and plug-ins: Generally, when a software gets updated to newer versions, one might find some extra add-ons that are installed and shown on your browser home page. Although they provide extra effects and graphics on your browser, there are consequences of slow internet speed. Thus one must disable the add-ons and plugins option while installing or updating the current version of tools. If you have the add-ons or plug-ins already installed in your system, implement the steps described below to remove it.

Step 1: Open the browser by clicking on the browser icon that you can see on your desktop.

Step 2: On the right end you will find the menu icon. Select the icon and from the drop down bar choose Tools option.

Step 3: From the sub list select Extension option.

Step 4: You will be navigated to the new screen where you may find different add-ons and plugins are enabled.

Step 5: Uncheck the options by tapping the mouse on all enabled add-ons.


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Steps to Speed up internet after update

1.Click Internet Speed enhancer from the Enhance screen

Internet Running Slow After Update  - Enhance Screen

Fig 1 : Enhance Screen

2.Select Optimize speed

Internet Running Slow After Update  - Optimize Screen

Fig 2 : Optimize Screen

3.Select your Network Type and then click Optimize

Internet Running Slow After Update  - Network Optimize Screen

Fig 3: Network Optimize Screen

4.Wait till Optimization completes.

Internet Running Slow After Update  -  Optimization Screen

Fig 4 : Optimization Screen

5.Your internet setting has been optimised successfully

Internet Running Slow After Update - Optimization Complete screen

Fig 5 : Optimization Complete screen

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